Backyard Chickens and Rabbits

Backyard livestock are increasing as part of the growing local food movement. Good management practices are essential to living with respect for wildlife.

“We choose to be predator friendly for both ethical and ecological reasons. Peaceful coexistence with wild predators is humane and acknowledges that our land is their land, too. It is also essential to sustainable farming.”
Janet Pesaturo, One Acre Farm

One Acre Farm protects its backyard chickens and rabbits, using:

• Tight housing to deny entry even to weasels.
• Runs made from 1⁄2”, PVC-coated hardware cloth, buried at least 18” underground.
• Electric fencing around structures.
• Free-ranging only when people are present
• Chickens trained to return to the coop when called.

Free Range Flock Protection

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Urban Flock Protection

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