Meet the Producers

"We have never had a bear (or even skunk) disturb our hives because the hives are kept in the house and livestock areas of our farm.  People I know always are amazed that my sheep and goats graze and browse around my hives…Thus the livestock guard dog is guarding the hives.  Not quite the purpose for which most people use livestock guard dogs, but it works." Karen Bean

Karen Bean and Ian Balsillie
Brookfield Farm
Maple Falls, Washington
Read how Brookfield Farm protects its hives.

"The wildlife has flourished under our
managed grazing program…[O]ur album shows photos of bobcats, eagles, coyotes all existing on the ranch - as we say ‘in harmony with nature.'"
Terri Blanchard

Terri and Bob Blanchard
Old Creek Ranch
Cayucos, California

"We choose to be Predator Friendly® because we believe predators play an important role in a healthy ecosystem." Karen Byron

Karen Byron
Twin Brook Farms
Waseca, Minnesota

"I am Predator Friendly® and always will be proud of it…I see it as a way to be myself, and show I am living my dream of being good to the earth." Eve DeMarco

Eve and Tony DeMarco
Happy Hollow Farm
Marion, MT

"Peaceful coexistence with wild predators is humane and acknowledges that our land is their land, too." Janet Pesaturo

Janet Pesaturo
One Acre Farm
Bolton, Massachusetts

Read how One Acre Farm protects its chickens and rabbits.

"We still have to outwit Mr. Wile E. I believe that Predator Friendly makes us better managers and more careful planners." Sally Scholle

Sally and Terry Scholle
Creekside Sheep and Wool
Littlestown, Pennsylvania
Read how Creekside Sheep and Wool protects its herd.

"The essence of the guard animal approach is to acknowledge, even to embrace, the fundamental predator/prey instincts and the territorial and protective instincts of many domesticated and wild creatures." Becky Weed

Becky Weed and Dave Tyler
Thirteen Mile Lamb and Wool
Belgrade, Montana

"In forty years of farming…[we] have never allowed any hunting of predators.  We seem
to have more pheasants and other small
wildlife than any of the neighbors, and only rarely have been bothered by coyotes at calving time."
Weenonah Brattset

Weenonah Brattset
Brattset Family Farm
Jefferson, Wisconsin