Eve and Tony DeMarco raise alpacas, llamas and Highland cattle in northwest Montana.
They offer handspun yarn, spinning fiber and naturally-lean beef.

Llama Wool Yarns
Hand-dyed & spun!
Single-ply skeins (about 126 yards/skein)
Raw Alpaca (Suri) Fiber
Lustrous natural white!
$7/lb + shipping

Hand-dyed colors & blends
Warm hues (copper to blueberry, many blends)
$11/skein + shipping

Raw Llama Wool
A spinner's delight!
Natural colors
(black, grey, brown, tan & red)
$3/half-pound + shipping

Natural colors
Every hue; blends
$9/skein + shipping

Highland Cattle
Naturally lean beef!
Beef 'on-the-hoof' and
breeding stock
Market price
Special order
In stock & special order
Lightweight, warm & luxurious!